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On the deserted path ...

On the deserted path of my monotonous life,
When you appeared... I did not await anybody!

You did not see any flowers, not a strand of foliage:
Only the heat sun and the wild plain

Only ground burning and too peaceful sky,
As remote as inaccessible happiness,

As quiet, as pure as my monotonous life...
Why did you come? I did not await anybody!

My sorrow and my desire did not have a face,
And remained vague and blur like a mirage...

It is the day when you came which they were suddenly to be born,
In the joy and the pain to know you,

Because you passed inattentive in my monotonous life...
Since you came, it is necessary that you forgive:

I do not have anything to offer to you! See my stripped hands,
My lips without smiling and always saddened

Look at my naked feet, my eyes full with silence
Of the impossible love and condemned in advance...

Look, there is nothing ...! While seeking in the sand
I found a gift, alas quite miserable:

In the deserted path of my monotonous life,
There is only my heart... my heart that I give you

Guilly d'Herbemont